Fuller Consulting Engineers, Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide structural engineering services to architects, contractors, fabricators, owners and others associated with the building industry. FCE has extensive experience in the design of hospitals, schools, offices, religious, commercial and industrial facilities. In addition to the design of new facilities, we also provide an array of structural engineering services for fabricators, contractors and others associated with the building construction industry.

While the majority of our work is for facilities located in the Southeastern United States, our commercial practice has expanded to forty-two states in order to service the needs of our clients. Our buildings are located in some of the most environmentally challenging areas of the USA including hurricane coastlines, areas of high seismicity, regions of heavy snow loads, and challenging geotechnical conditions that vary from the marshes of southern Louisiana to the bedrock of the Great Lakes.

Fuller Consulting Engineers, Inc. takes great pride in its highly qualified team of engineers and experienced structural designers.  Our engineers understand the importance of incorporating all current building regulations and code changes. Our designers continue to stay on the edge of the latest computer aided design technology and always provide our clients with accurately prepared and professionally produced construction drawings and documents. Our staff stays closely involved with each project from conceptual design through construction.

Our greatest success has been achieved by providing quality structural engineering services to our clients.  The key aspect of this success is our focus on client communication. Our engineers and designers understand the importance of responding quickly. Time is money. Attention to these services, maintaining schedules, providing concise designs, and ensuring every project is completed according to plan has fostered a client loyalty with many long-term and rewarding professional relationships. If you are just becoming familiar with FCE, we would welcome the opportunity to show you the excellent service that we can provide.

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