The Forensic Services Division of Fuller Consulting Engineers, Inc. includes design professionals from both the architecture and engineering disciplines. Our professionals are committed to solving building envelope and construction related problems. Collectively, we have many years of experience with building science and are focused on research and the proper application of building materials. Through our investigative work, we have diagnosed many types of building envelope failures and determined the extent to which damages exist.

Our professionals have experience assisting clients with numerous building types in both the public and private sector, including commercial, institutional, retail, religious, multifamily, and single-family residential buildings. We also have experience with failure analysis of numerous building envelope claddings and roofing systems. Based upon previous experience, FCE professionals are available to provide services which include, but may not be limited to the following:

  Architectural Design and Specification
  Structural Design and Specification
  Property Condition Assessment
  Historic Building Assessment

  Building Envelope Evaluation and Failure Analysis
     Roof Systems
     Exterior Wall Claddings
     Waterproofing and Weather Barriers
     Windows and Doors

  Structural Evaluation and Failure Analysis
     Structural Framing
     Retaining Walls
     Concrete Slabs
     Natural Disaster Damages

  Building Code and Accessibility Analysis (ADA & FHAA)
  LEED Consulting (USGBC)
  High Performance Building Design
  Green Building and Energy Efficiency Consulting
  Peer Review and Document Checking
  Waterproofing Consulting and Design Documents
  Repair of Building Envelopes and Concrete
  Construction Administration and Repair Documentation
  Premises Liability Support
  Construction Litigation Support
  Trial Exhibits and Graphics Support

It is our goal to provide excellent service and to be an invaluable asset to our clients. We appreciate the support of our existing clients and look forward to growing our business with your help. If you believe our experience will be well suited to your next project or case, we would be glad to work with you. Please contact H. Ross Clements, AIA if you would like to discuss a particular assignment

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